COMPARATION: Is the Avanza superior to Xpander and Ertiga?

JAKARTA, January 18, 2019 - The presence of the Toyota New Avanza and New Veloz has become a hot topic in the automotive world in recent weeks. The presence of the Avanza, and its twin Daihatsu Grand Xenia , makes the competition for the Low Multi Purpose Vehicle ( LMPV ) segment increasingly hot.
Since its presence in 2003, Avanza has indeed become its own phenomenon. This car has always been the model with the most sales of all models sold in Indonesia. But in 2017, the Avanza got a new opponent, Mitsubishi Xpander . This Mitsubishi LMPV was able to win the hearts of consumers in the country. Even in recent times, Xpander was able to become the best-selling model in Gaikindo's monthly sales data.
Now with the presence of the latest Avanza and Xenia models , this segment of the competition map will certainly be a new upheaval. Don't forget, besides Avanza and Xpander , in this segment there are also Xenia , Honda Mobilio, Suzuki Ertiga , Nissan Grand Livina, and other newcomers Wuling Confero S.
Well, following Carvaganza will discuss the competition between Avanza, Xpander , and Ertiga from several sides. Anything?
Toyota's decision not to increase the price of Avanza could be a surefire strategy. Because the cheapest Avanza model now has the lowest selling price compared to Suzuki and Mitsubishi . Toyota Avanza including Veloz offered 12 variants with prices starting from Rp. 188.6 million to Rp. 239.4 million.
While Suzuki only offers 7 variants that cost a little more expensive starting from Rp. 196 million to Rp. 241.5 million. Mitsubishi offers 8 variants ranging from Rp. 204.1 million to Rp. 258.9 million. Indeed, Mitsubishi has a selling price that is more expensive than both, then what are the differences between the three?
In appearance, all three of them adopt modern models and look more luxurious. It's just that, the Toyota Avanza hasn't used Daytime Running Light (DRL) like the Mitsubishi Xpander and Suzuki Ertiga . Although all three have used LEDs on the bulb of the main lamp.
Then, the mirrors have adopted retrack and electric settings. This of course makes it easy for the driver to position the mirror that is comfortable and does not disturb the view.
The Mitsubishi Xpander also has a longer and wider cabin space compared to the Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Avanza. Cabin space is relieved, of course making the sitting position in the third row certainly more relieved. Even cargo space is also becoming more extensive.
The spacious cabin is identical for this Low MPV car. It is controlled by the Mitsubishi Xpander which has a cabin more spacious than the three. Comfort is also a benchmark for all three. Subjectively, Carvaganza is more comfortable when sitting in the second row of Xpander even though the Ertiga is also better than the Avanza which is stiffer and harder.
Avanza daskbor layout is not much changed by Toyota . But he appeared more modern following the Honda Mobilio which now uses touch screen head units and digital AC settings. While Xpander and Ertiga are still analog rotary models. More luxurious isn't it?
To make passengers comfortable, the highest type, Veloz 1.5 A / T, has been provided with a TV screen in the middle ceiling for the second and third lines. Although for Carvaganza it looks like a modified style but it's okay because Xpander and Ertiga don't have a TV screen yet. But all three are equipped with power outlets and usb ports to charge gadgets, of course.
The Toyota Avanza still maintains the rear wheel drive compared to the two that use the front wheel drive. But if the previous generation of Avanza was somewhat unsteady, this time Toyota's claims for this car would be more stable.
The Mitsubishi Xpander has a superior engine than both. The third engine capacity is the same which is 1.5 liters, only Xpander 's power is bigger than the Ertiga and Avanza. Carvaganza believes that the Avanza is actually presented more precisely for family cars that run casually.
All three are also offered with two transmission options namely 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic.
For a Low MPV car, various features are also of concern to car makers. Avanza Veloz must admit defeat from Ertiga and Xpander . For cars that have been in Indonesia for 15 years, this has only changed the suspension sector to be more rigid with a larger axle to make it stable.
While the Suzuki Ertiga has been pinned for the ESP (Electronic Stability Program) featurewhich is also on the Mitsubishi Xpander known as the ASC (Active Stability Control).
There is also the HSA (Hill Start Assist) feature pinned to the Mitsubishi Xpander and Suzuki Ertiga . On Suzuki this feature is named HHC (Hill Hold Control). The goal is to activate the automatic brake to hold the weight of the car does not reverse when it is uphill.
But maybe this is one reason Toyota doesn't embed the feature . Because both of them use front wheel drive, so that the feature can help ease the drive wheel. Whereas, the Avanza can drive the car freely because it uses a rear wheel drive.
After observing some of the advantages and disadvantages that exist in the three Low MPV cars, it seems Carvaganza can help you to determine the best choice in choosing a family car that suits your needs.
Vehicle layout: MPV, front engine, 5 doors, 7 passengers, FWD 
Engine: 4A91 MIVEC DOHC 15 valve 1.5L / 105 hp @ 6000 rpm / 141 Nm @ 4000 rpm. 
Transmission: A / T 4-speed 
PxLxT: 4475 x 1750 x 1700 mm 
Wheelbase: 2775 mm 
Groundclearance: 205 mm 
Fuel tank capacity: 45 liters 
BBM recommendation: Ron 92
Vehicle layout:  Low MPV, front engine, 5 doors, 5 passengers, RWD 
Engine:  1.5L IL 4-cyclinder Dual VVT-i / 102Hp @ 6000rpm / 136Nm @ 4200rpm 
Transmission:  Automatic 4-speed 
P x L x T:  4190 x 1660 x 1695 mm 
Wheelbase:  2655 mm 
Ground clearance: 205 mm 
Tank capacity:  45 liters 
Fuel recommendation:  Ron 92
Vehicle layout:  Low MPV, front engine, 5 doors, 5 passengers, FWD 
Engine:  K15B DOHC VVT 1.5L / 103Hp @ 6000rpm / 138Nm @ 4400rpm 
Transmission:  Automatic 4-speed 
P x L x T:  4395 x 1735 x 1690 mm 
Wheelbase :  2740 mm 
Groundclearance: 180 mm 
Tank capacity:  45 liters 
Fuel recommendation:  Ron 92
Now from some of these comparisons, what do you think? Which is your choice? Please write your judgment and opinion in the comments column below.

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